Sri Lanka Army
Seva Vanitha Unit

08th November 2023 22:46:18 Hours

SF-SVB Ladies with Donor's Support Distributes Maternity Aid Worth Over Rs 2.5 m

Members of the Special Forces and civil employees whose wives are pregnant and ready for delivery shortly received basic maternity essentials, valued at more than Rs 2.5 million, thanks to the patronage, extended by the famous entrepreneur, Mr. Sanjaya Withanage, following an initiative taken by Mrs. Anoja Peiris, Chairperson, Special Forces Seva Vanitha Branch (SF - SVB),

Mr. Sanjaya Withanage and his family members were welcomed at the SF Regimental Centre in Naula by the Chaiperson, SF-SVB on arrival and conducted to the venue of the disribution.

The event was graced by Major General J.P.C Peiris RWP RSP ndu, Colonel of the Regiment of Special Forces and General Officer Commanding, 57 Division along with Brigadier R.P.S Prasad RWP RSP USP, the Centre Commandant of the Special Forces Regimental Centre.

The Colonel of the Regiment of Special Forces expressed his gratitude to Mr. Sanjaya Withanage and his family for their generosity by presenting a token of appreciation to the donor. In addition, the Chairperson of SF - SVB offered an appreciarive memento to Mrs Sanjaya Withanage and Mrs. Surangi de Silva. The Colonel of the Regiment commended Lieutenant Colonel J.S.R Fernando RWP USP for his coordination with the donors.