Sri Lanka Army
Seva Vanitha Unit

04th November 2023 22:47:46 Hours

MIC – Seva Vanitha Ladies Erect New Bathroom for Late Soldier's Family

Military Intelligence Corps (MIC) Seva Vanitha Ladies with the support of a group of philanthropists erected a new bathroom facility and a tube well including a submersible water pump and a 1000 litre overhead water tank for a needy family of a late Senior Non-Commissioned Officer who passed away in 2021.

As soon as the basic need of the family with the mother and 05 children residing in Warakapola area was brought to the notice of the MIC – Seva Vanitha Branch (SVB), Mrs Rajitha Jayasuriya, Chairperson, MIC-SVB took the lead in fulfilling the requirement.

With the assistance of the MIC Regimental Centre, troops of the 5 MIC completed the project and Major B.K.N.M Kakulawala of the 5 Military Intelligence Corps supervised and coordinated the project.

A group of donors provided the required monetary assistance of about Rs 400,000.00 through the coordination of the MIC-SVB. The new facility was vested in the family on Tuesday (10 Oct) in the presence of Major B.K.N.M Kakulawala.