Sri Lanka Army
Seva Vanitha Unit

06th September 2023 18:32:43 Hours

Over 200 SLASC Officers & Other Ranks in Jaffna Donate Blood to Patients

More than 200 Army personnel, including Officers of the 5 Sri Lanka Army Service Corps (SLASC) of Forward Maintenance Area - North recently came forward to donate blood for the benefit of seriously ill patients at Jaffna Teaching Hospital on being informed of shortage of blood at Jaffna Teaching Hospital.

The project got underway at 5 Sri Lanka Army Service Corps camp premises in Palali with the support of a medical team, led by Dr M. Pradeepan, Dr R. Kannan and Mr Ravinadasa of the Jaffna Teaching Hospital on Saturday (26 August).

With the blessings of the Forward Maintenance Area - North, Lieutenant Colonel D.M Jayasinghe, Commanding Officer, 5 Sri Lanka Army Service Corps on the instructions of the Colonel Commandant, SLASC and through the coordination of Mrs. Thushari Wanigasekara, Chairperson, SLASC-SVB and Mrs. Ayoma Jayasinghe, Chairperson, 5 Sri Lanka Army Service Corps Seva Vanitha Branch facilitated the project with the participation of all SLASC Officers and Other Ranks serving the peninsula.

Medical assistants, Jaffna Blood Bank staff, Senior Officers, Officers and members of the SLASC - SVB participated in the event.