Sri Lanka Army
Seva Vanitha Unit

01st June 2023 09:17:44 Hours

Pregnant Women in SLASC Families Given Nutrients & Incentives

The Sri Lanka Army Service Corps - Seva Vanitha Branch (SLASC-SVB) organized a distribution of essentials among pregnant women in the families of Other Ranks and civil employees who are serving under the SLASC at the Regimental Centre of SLASC on Sunday (May 21).

The project was initiated on a concept of Mrs Thushari Wanigasekara, Chairperson of SLASC-SVB. During the event, 29 pregnant women/mothers received essential items packs, each worth Rs. 10,000.00. Moreover, an almsgiving was arranged at the same location for 07 Buddhist nuns. A gathering of Senior Officers participated in the religious activities.

Afterwards, a delicious lunch was offered to all pregnant women before the day's events culminated. Officers, Other Ranks and members of the SLASC-SVB took part in the events.