Sri Lanka Army
Seva Vanitha Unit

Housing and Medical Assistance Projects

Above projects have been launched to provide all forms of assistance to family members of deceased War Heroes, disabled War Heroes, serving Officers and Other Ranks as well as to civil employees by way of offering their own house for living, plots of land, construction of new houses, bathrooms and completion of partly-built houses while they are still on service. In addition, most essential household items, pieces of furniture and essentials for those houses are also being provided by the ASVU projects.

Likewise, this project also provides wheelchairs, crutches, white canes, prosthetics and other medical equipment and needs to all those disabled War Heroes by visiting them either in wellness resorts or their residences. In addition, multifaceted livelihood support is made available for some sections of Army families who have children with special needs or the families with triplets or twins soon after their delivery. Moreover, family members of War Heroes are also awarded humanitarian aid or most essential medical needs in the event of any emergency surgeries, natural disasters and provision of educational support for children with special needs and for promotion of their sports skills. In addition, financial assistance and counseling is also provided to solve personal problems among family members through respective regiments.