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Photo Story

Photo Story

Major UMP Udukumara SLLI the new Commanding Officer of 1st Sri Lanka Army Pioneer Corps undertook duties on 26 August 2021. He was welcomed by the second in Command and All Ranks at respective home of pioneer corps premises Pelawaththa, Mathugama.

He was received with a guard turn out and a briefing was given by the second in Command of the Pioneer Corps to make aware the current situation of the Camp, tasks and responsibilities ...

News Features

News Features

Pioneer Troops given corporation to Vaccination programmes

11th September 2021 11:28:08 Hours

1 Sri Lanka Army Pioneer corps Troops in close co-operation with Sri Lanka Army Medical Corps Officers and troops in respective regions throughout successfully carried out COVID-19 vaccination ...

Army’s support for Medical Equipment

11th September 2021 11:18:04 Hours

For to the request made by Sri Lanka Army America – Sri Lanka Foundation donated medical equipment to be distributed for use in the Mathugama and Horana Hospitasl ...

SLAPC Build New House For Soldier

04th September 2021 13:51:15 Hours

A new house, concept of Commander of the Army and guidance in built with the Directorate of Veterans’ Affairs at the Army HQ under the Sri Lanka ...


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