Sri Lanka Army Pioneer Corps

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29th March 2022 14:21:32 Hours

SLAPC-SVU Awards Schools to SLAPC Families

The 2nd anniversary of the Sri Lanka Army Pioneer Corps - Seva Vanitha Unit (SLAPC-SVU) was marked at SLAPC auditorium on 27 February in a special programme, headed by Mrs Ramani Jayasooriya, Chairperson, SLAPC-SVU.

To mark the occasion, five students who excelled in Grade 5 scholarship examination were awarded financial scholarships, each worth 7500.00. Mrs Ramani Jayasooriya gave away those incentives to children of SLAPC families.

Similarly, with sponsorship provided by the People’s Bank of Sri Lanka, each student was given a pack of school accessories. Those wishing to join Grade 1 in the year 2022 were also given gift vouchers, each to the value of Rs 2000.00 for purchase of school shoes.

Tokens of appreciation were also awarded to the outgoing Mrs Chandrika Sandhamalee Jayaratne and several Seva Vanitha members.