Sri Lanka Army
Physical Training School




1. The Sri Lanka Army Physical Training School (APTS) was formed for the purpose of improving physical Training aspects and introducing indoor games to the Sri Lanka Army.

2. At the initiation in 1976 , the APTS was designated as the ‘Indoor Stadium – Panagoda’ It was restructured on 01 February 1983 and later upgraded as a fully – fledged indoor stadium .Subsequently the establishment was designated as the Sri Lanka Army Physical Training School (APTS)

3. The APTS has now expanded to include the undermentioned facilities.
          a.      Pavilion
          b.      Swimming Pool
          c.      Squash Court

4. The following courses are now being conducted according to international standards.
          a.      Physical Training Instructor Course (Male/Female)
          b.      Advanced Physical Training Instructor Course
          c.      Sports Coach Course
          d.      Basic Swimming Course (Male/Female)
          e.      Swimming Instructor Course
          f.      PTI Re Grading Course

5. In addition to the above mentioned facilities the school provides instructions for the maintenance of physical standards, nutritional requirements, use of Physical Training equipment etc.


6. To uplift the physical fitness standards in the Army and train personnel to coach all types of sports which are relevant to the Sri Lanka Army.


7. To groom Officers/Soldiers as Physical Training Instructors with basic knowledge in physical fitness and all sports activities in the Army.


8. The objectives of the Army Physical Training School as follows:
          a.      Conduct officers’ Physical Training Instructor Courses, Assistant Physical Training Instructor Courses Advance Physical Training instructor
          course in order to enhance the Physical fitness in the Sri Lanka Army.
          b.      Conduct Sports Coaching Courses to train personnel as sports Coaches.
          c.      Conduct Swimming course to train personnel in order to enhance the swimming skills suited for the battle conditions.
          d.      Conduct Physical Efficiency Test to select candidates for Officer Cadet Courses in the Regular Force as well as Volunteer Force in the Army.
          e.      Conduct Physical Efficiency Tests for Officers prior to their promotion as well as rank confirmations.
          f.      Conduct Physical Efficiency Tests for officers as directed by Army Headquarters.