Sri Lanka Army
Physical Training School



Sri Lanka Army Physical Training School was formed due to the purpose of introducing indoor games to the Sri Lanka Army. Due to the augmentation of the Army. the Physical Training School also became an imperative institute for the organization.

The Physical Training Institute was started as "Indoor Stadium Panagoda" in 1976 and restructured the same on 1st of February 1981 as "Army Physical Education Centre".

The prestigious first Commandant of the training school was Colonel M Kandiah, who was qualified with diploma of Sheffield Physical Training Institute it America. Initially the instructing body was comprised with 08 officers and 86 other rankers, those who were intellectual and competent with the theme.

Further with the direction and dedication of Col Kandiah, following courses were started.
a. Sports Management Course for Senior Officers
b. Physical Training Instructor Course
c. Sports Training and referee Training Camps
d. Physical Education Training
e. First aid Training
f. Sports Medicine Training
g. Anatomy & Physiology Training
h. Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation Training
i. Volleyball
j. Track Field Event Coaching Camps

The main ambition of these courses was to peak up the endurance and agility of the soldiers to up keep their physical standards.

At present, following courses are conducted by the school comparatively as the Ids of the foreign countries.
Officer Physical Training Instructor Course
Advanced Physical Training Instructor Course
Physical Training Instruct - Course - male/female
Sports Coach Course
Basic Swimming Course male/female
Swimming Instructor Course
Regrading Course

In view of expanding amenities at the school, the following facilities were supplementary to the institute recently.
Swimming Pool
Squash Court

In addition to the above mentioned facilities the school is providing instructional aids on how to up keep the physical standards of the soldiers, nutritional requirements to the body and how to make use of physical training equipments etc. further more can introduce this institute as the foremost institute of up keep soldiers physical standards with high endurance in Sri Lanka Army.