Bravo Squadron - 5 SLAC




5th Regiment Sri Lanka Armoured Corps was formed as a reinforcement battalion to be deployed initially on the Infantry role. The Regiment was officially raised on Thursday, 06 January 1994 at Rock House Camp by Lt Col N A Ranasinghe RSP psc. This was an unprecedented step in the history of the Sri Lanka Armoured Corps. It was the first time that SLAC was required to form and deploy a regiment on the infantry role. Subsequently, Regiment was equipped with AFVs and contributed to many operations in classic role till end of the Humanitarian Operation in 2009.

Later in 2009 5 SLAC was placed under SF HQ (KLN) and convert as Armour Coordinating Headquarter. After raising Reserve Strike Corps, Amour Coordinating Headquarter renamed as Bravo Squadron - 5 SLAC


Armour contribute in achieving set vision, mission and objective of 1 Corps through following aspects:

  1. Armour provides versatility and ability to strike
  2. Provide requires fire power with deterrence
  3. Rapid response with using its specific features
  4. Decisive arm in both conventional and COIN operation
  5. Combined and interoperable operation capability


To provide required fire support and act as deterrent force as a mobile reserve of 1 Corps in safeguarding the nation across the entire spectrum of conflict


Task of Armour in various type of operation which would be undertaken by 1 Corps are as follows:

Conventional Operation

  1. Destroy the enemy Armour
  2. Close quarter combat in conjunction with infantry
  3. The advance contact in advance in contact
  4. The assault and destruction of the enemy
  5. Penetration, exploitation and pursuit
  6. Covering force operations
  7. Mobile and Positional defensive operations
  8. Counter attack and counter penetrations
  9. Exploitation of support of nuclear fire
  10. Reconnaissance and gathering of information
  11. Act as mobile reserve

High Intensity Operations (COIN)

  1. Area domination in conjunction with infantry
  2. Assault on objectives
  3. Provide intimate fire support for infantry
  4. Escorting unprotected columns
  5. Provide anti-tank defence
  6. Extricating infantry
  7. Act as mobile reserve
  8. Air defence
  9. Reinforcement
  10. Flank protection
  11. Penetration, exploitation and pursuit

Low Intensity Operations (IS)

  1. Security (Area, line of communication, surveillance, quick reaction, escort and area dominating)
  2. Reconnaissance
  3. Populace and resource control
  4. Military civil actions
  5. Offensive and defensive operations as necessary
  6. Crowd dispersal
  7. Road Blocks
  8. Cordons during cordon and search ops
  9. Escort for convoys or VIPs
  10. Show off force ops
  11. Traffic control

Special Operations

  1. Public order ops
  2. Aid to civil authority in national disaster/emergencies
  3. CIMIC action
  4. MACA
  5. Reinforcement
  6. Quick reaction
  7. Extricating of troops
  8. Combined operations
  9. Riot control
  10. Communication


Capt LBK Pussadeniya RWP 06.01.1994 23.11.1996
Capt MMIPM Banrada 23.11.1996 18.01.1997
Maj WA Ariyarathne 18.01.1997 10.03.1997
Capt MMIPM Bandara 10.03.1997 15.03.1997
Maj MP Samarakoon 15.05.1997 08.04.1998
Maj DKN De Silva RSP 08.04.1998 15.01.1999
Capt WMSP Wawegama 15.01.1999 10.04.2000
Capt TAMK De Silva 10.04.2000 27.07.2003
Capt WP Kariyawasam 27.07.2003 22.02.2004
Maj ABIC Baduge 22.02.2004 03.08.2005
Capt  NRL Gunasena 03.08.2005 24.05.2007
Capt PAR Wijerathne 24.05.2007 19.07.2007
Capt KCJ Kothalawala 19.07.2007 24.09.2007
Capt PAL Wijerathne 24.09.2007 22.11.2008
Capt RAS Jayasinghe 22.11.2008 04.05.2009
Capt WKSR Wijesiri 04.05.2009 24.03.2011
Maj WDSP Wickramasinghe 04.03.2011 17.08.2014
Capt PDS Anura Kumara RSP 17.08.2014 17.11.2014
Maj DMSLK Bandara 17.11.2014 21.09.2015
Maj KSRP Gunathilake 21.09.2015 25.11.2016
Capt ELP Edirisinghe 25.11.2016 23.01.2017
Maj BANS Kumara psc 23.01.2017 09.02.2018
Maj TMT De Silva psc 09.02.2018 15.09.2019
Capt TD Kaludewa 15.09.2019 16.01.2020
Maj TMNB Aberathne 16.01.2020 21.11.2020
Maj SDUT Munasinghe 21.11.2020 26.06.2021


  1. Lightning Srtike
  2. Leap forward
  3. Operation Shake Hand I ,II
  4. Operation Hard Knock
  5. Thunder Strike
  6. Operation Rivirasa II
  7. Operation Rivirasa III
  8. Operation Link Up
  9. Operation Sathjaya I,II,III
  10. Jayasikuru
  11. Operation Edibala
  12. Humanitarian Operation 2006-2009


Postal Address : Armoured Coordinating Headquarters,Thirumurukkandi,Kilinochchi
Email Address : 5slcarmrcood@gmail,com
Telephone Numbers : 0233233710