Even after the end of the Wanni Humanitarian Operation, all the Ordnance equipment required for the troops deployed in the KLN & MLT areas were met by the 2nd Regt SLAOC. However, this arrangement caused number of practical difficulties for the Divs/Bdes located in Kilinochchi area. As a solution to this, Foward Ordnance teams which were attached to the Divs/Bdes headquarters were released and taken in to the command of FMA (KLN).

The new OC Troop (KLN)was established in a 5 acre land infront of Bharatipuram Tamil college under the direction of Brigadier MZR Sallay USP. It was coordinated by Lt KHDM Mahesh and, declared open by then Col (A&Q) 58 Div Col HL Guruge AATO on 04 October 2009.

The Maj AGCR Amarasinghe was appointed as its 1st Officer Commanding on 31 January 2010 and followed by Lt Col J Ranahewaato on 07 May 2010. This OC Troop which fulfilled the Ordnance requirement of Security Forces Headquarters (KLN) was upgraded as the 6th Regt SLAOC on 9 June 2010 by ARO 173/2009.

Lt Col J Ranahewaato served as the first Commanding Officer of the 6th Regt SLAOC. The new camp of the 6th Regt SLAOC was established in Kokavil, Kilinochchi on 7th June 2011. A new internet transmission grid was established in the stocks control section premises in 2012 under the direction of Maj Gen RV Udawattapscato in order to access the Automated Material Management System of the Army Headquarters.

A new WOs’ & Sgts’ mess was declared open on 15th August 2011 and a library on 14 November 2012 by the Col Comdt Maj Gen RV Udawattapscato.

The main gate was constructed and declared open on 12th April 2014 and a new parade ground was opened on 7th June 2014 as part of the Anniversary celebrations of the Unit by Lt Col JS Weerakoon AATO.


The vision of the 6th Regiment Sri Lanka Army Ordnance Corps is to sustain 1 Corps and it’s under command establishments during their diversified operations


The mission of the 6th Regiment Sri Lanka Army Ordnance Corps is to provide effective and efficient Ordnance supply to 1 Corps and its under command establishments while ensuring responsibility, accountability in a professional/ user friendly/modern technological approach to ensure highest level of operational readiness


Provision, procure, receipt, account, storage, maintenances and issues of all ordnance stores which is required for the HQ 1 Corps and its affiliated Units /Establishments and disposal of the same hen they have been rendered unserviceable.


  1. To perform as the ordnance adviser of HQ 1 Corps in all ordnance matter
  2. To ensure that HQ 1 Corps and its affiliated units/ establishments are equipped to the scale laid down by AHQ.
  3. To maintain operational level readiness and stock piles to cater for any operational emergencies and national calamities and assessment at the same.
  4. Maintain skillful manpower reserve for quick employment when authorized by the Directorate of Ordnance Services to sustain the HQ 1 Corps and its affiliated establishments.
  5. Establishment of smooth supply of ordnance stocks while establishing coordination with other ordnance depots/ units to sustain under command Divs/Bdes/Units of 1 Corps and cooperate and communicate with relevant authorities to ensure proper distributions channels of ordnance supply in case of unpredicted scenarios.
  6. Minor repairs of all ordnance stores and manufacturing of selected ordnance items at 6 SLAOC workshop.
  7. Replacement of all ordnance stores when they have been rendered unserviceable or lost in action.
  8. The supply of spare parts to keep 1 Corps warlike stores and vehicle in serviceable condition.
  9. Collection of salvage and disposal of all ordnance stores.
  10. Carryout ordnance inspections.
  11. Render assistance to HQ 1 Corps and affiliated establishments in board of survey action.


  1. All requirement of HQ 1 Corps and other affiliated establishments deploy at KLN to be issued by 6 SLAOC.
  2. Vote allocations for all ordnance requirements for HQ 1 Corps and UC divs, bdes and units to be allocated to HQ 1 Corps by the relevant branches and directorates of AHQ.
  3. HQ 1 Corps will redistribute the votes to the nearest ordnance units base on deployment of UC establishment on the basis of priority and the nature of the op’s to be carried out.
  4. Separate stocks to be maintained for 1 Corps Divs, Bdes and units by all ordnance depots/units and FODs. No issues will be done without the sanction of HQ 1 Corps.
  5. All normal issues to 53 Div, 58 div, CDO Bde, SF Bde and they’re under command bdes, units and other institutions to be issued by nearest SLAOC deport/unit/FOD of their present deployed area as per the instruction of HQ 1 Corps . 6 SLAOC to monitor and supervise the transactions.
  6. Sanitary items, barrack maintenance and stitching of uniform of HQ RSC 53 Div, 58 Div, CDO Bde, SF Bde and under command bdes/units/institutions to be done through the nearest SLAOC unit of their present deployed area. 6 SLAOC to monitor and updates the progress and provide any technical assistance to when the progress is low.
  7. All special items to be issued by 6 SLAOC after purchasing under the instructions of HQ 1 Corps.
  8. Final accounting including forwarding of bills and relevant ledger actions for items which are purchased through procurement committee of HQ 1 Corps to be completed by 6 SLAOC.


  1. All the tasks carried out during peace time to be continued.
  2. Scales of HQ 1 Corps and affiliated establishment deploy at KLN will be top up by 6 SLAOC before commencing an any special operations.
  3. FMA reserve will be kept on wheel to cater for any operational emergencies. Scale of item need to be ready depends on the nature of the operations.
  4. When simultaneous operations are carried out by 53 Div, 58 Div, CDO Bde and SF Bde, ordnance support will be given by nearest ordnance unit under the guidance of Dte of Ord Svcs if it is out of technical capacity of 6 SLAOC.
  5. Final accounting including forwarding of bills and relevant ledger actions for items which are purchased through procurement committee of FMA (KLN) to be completed by 6 SLAOC

Major KRLS Bandara ato Lsc
Commanding Officer


Lt Col J Ranahewaato 07.05.2010 24.03.2013
Maj DMVV Dissanayakeato 24.03.2013 03.05.2013
Lt Col J S Weerakoon AATO  03.05.2013 10.09.2014
Lt Col KMAWK Perera AATO  10.09.2014 15.09.2016
Maj VD Warushavithanaato 15.09.2016 20.09.2018
Lt Col NIR Silva ato 20.09.2018 20.10.2020



Postal Address : Headquarters, 6th Regiment Sri Lanka Army Ordnance Corps, Regional Security Center (KLN), Kokavil
Email Address : slaoc6kln@yahoo.com6slaoc@army.lk
Telephone Numbers : 0113134605, 0212282454