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The 5th Regiment Sri Lanka Corps of Military Police was inaugurated on 28th December 2009 under ARO/115/2009 - G/SD/51/04

Earlier 5 SLCMP was responsible for all Military Police matters in AOR of KILINOCHCHI and MULLAITIVU Security Forces. After inauguration of 6 SLCMP, responsibilities and duties prevailing under SFHQ (MLT) has been tasked to 6 SLCMP and after that 5 SLCMP is responsible for SFHQ(KLN) AOR. After Establishing of Army cantonment in FMA(KLN), Battalion was shifted to the present location THIRUMURUKKANDI, KILINOCHCHI on 11th October 2011, which was previously located at KANAKAMBIYAKULAM.

Presently 5 SLCMP has completed more than 10 years, as a golden unit among the Provost Family. From the beginning era to present period, this battalion has performed their duties to maintain higher standard of Discipline and minimize the illegal activities within the AOR by carried out detections and conducting awareness programs such as lectures related to Narcotic, General conduct of Discipline and Traffic Accident procedure as well as the all Ceremonial duties pertaining to the Military functions. After inauguration of RSC on 16.07.2021 5 SLCMP was under commanded to SFHQ (MLT) AOR and provide MP support to RSC, 57 DIV and 66 DIV AORs.


To be an organization that exhibits fairness and impartiality, inspires trust and contributes to a climate of confidence in military policing.


To promote and ensure the highest standards of conduct of Military Police in the performance of policing duties and to discour age interference in any military police investigation


Role and task of SLCMP is to provide efficient and the effective military police support to 1 Corps to achieve the strategic objectives in all form of threats and any kind of conflicts.

The role of 5 SLCMP is to police the Army both peace and war.

  1. Tactical police support to the Army in all phases of operations.
  2. Law enforcement and Crime prevention with in the Army in peace and war.
  3. The Provision of Garrison Police Duties. (By providing security duties at all vulnerable points of Military Installations).


The principal tasks through which the role is fulfilled are,

  1. Traffic Control
  2. Information and Assistance
  3. Prevention of Crime
  4. Detection and Apprehension of Offenders
  5. Control access to places and events
  6. Advice the custody of prisoners WAR (PW) and their movements
  7. Ceremonial Duties
  8. Liaison with civil police


Military police is an essential and one of the most prominent in any military establishment. Hence integration of military police unit into 1 Corps is a compulsion in achieving its strategic objectives. 5th regiment Sri Lanka Corps of Military Police is located at General Area Thirumurukkandy to provide provost support in peace and all form of operations to accomplish the all primary and the secondary task of 1 Corps.

To facilitate the 1 Corps to achieve strategic objectives by providing efficient and effective military police duties. it is summarized as follows,

  1. In case of mobilisation, the provost duties of HQ 1 Corps will be performed by 1 Corps Pro Coy (01 x 10) located at HQ 1 Corps. When requirements arise, 1 Corps Pro Coy has to be operated as on wheel throughout the operations. In any kind of special circumstances, 5 SLCMP will provide adequate MP personnel under the guidance of Directorate of Provost as appropriate.
  2. Matters relevant to military police within 53 and 58 Divisions and its UC Brigades, Commando Brigade and SF Brigade will carry out duties being at the nearest military police units, however Commander 1 Corps will be kept informed by CO 5 SLCMP regarding any important & special matters and any special direction given by the Commander 1 Corps pertaining to military police matters that will be coordinated and monitored by CO 5 SLCMP.
  3. In any kind of special operations or whatever the sudden situation arise in the country, OC - 1 Corps Pro Coy should coordinate with other SLCMP Regiments and provide appropriate MP duties under the direction of the Commander 1 Corps.
  4. As per suggested military police support plan mentioned above, HQ 5 SLCMP should remain at the same location Thirumurukkandy – Kilinochchi and CO - 5 SLCMP will coordinate the provost matters in liaison with the nearest MP units. In case of mobilization, special exercises & operations, 1 Corps Provost Coy will move with the 1 Corps.
  5. In extreme situations, to achieve the primary and the secondary tasks of the RSC, 5 SLCMP will provide efficient and effective military police support as quickly as possible and the CO 5 SLCMP will coordinate the military police requirements under the guidance of Provost Marshal.

Maj I H K Suddhagala LSC
Commanding Officer


Lt Col M K M Parackrama 10.04.2010 26.03.2011
Lt Col J H J Nishantha 27.03.2011 18.11.2013
Maj R D K Jayasooriya (O/L) 18.11.2013 18.01.2014
Lt Col A M R Abesinghe 18.01.2014 04.07.2017
Lt Col H A H C Alwis USP 04.07.2017 06.02.2020
Maj N P E N Nerangama Lsc (O/L) 06.02.2020 22.04.2020


1. Ceromonial Duties

2. Quarentine Centres/ ICC MP Duties

3. Vaccination Duties

4. Investigation

5. Lifting Finger Prints

6. Conducting Traffic Accident Procedures and etc.


Graduate Training Course - from 12.09.2020 to 03.10.2020


Postal Address : Headquartes, 5 SLCMP Thirumrukkandy, Kilinochchi
Email Address : 5slcmp@army.lk, hq5slcmp@gmail.com
Telephone Numbers :
Commanding Officer : 021 2060122
Headquarter : 021 2060123