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With the end of the Humanitarian Operation the 11 Engineer Services Regiment was raised with effect from 24 December 2009 as per the instructions of the Army Order “ARO 110/2009” to provide the Engineer Services for the troops deployed in Kilinochchi area and carry out the development projects under the “Northern Spring” development programs launched by the government.

According to the approval given by the MOD, few lands were obtained by the Regional Security Center Kilinochchi and those lands were handed over to the service units.

At the initial stage, 117 acres with in the forest area were allocated for the 11 Engineer Services Regiment at 10 September 2010.


To become the prime engineering services provider in formation.


To carry out engineering services with high degree of professionalism and standards to promote the living conditions of troops in 1 Corps.


  1. To maintain all buildings and associated facilities such as Electricity, Water supply and drainage systems in all Accommodations used by the Army at 1 Corps formation.
  2. To undertake the construction of capital works and inspection and be responsible for inspection of capital work contracts at 1 Corps formation.
  3. To be responsible for de signing and planning while giving specifications for all Army construction works at 1 Corps formation.
  4. To carry out routine inspections of Army buildings in order to ascertain there condition at 1 Corps formation.
  5. To assist the local authorities in an emergency to supply water and electricity services, and their maintenance in 1 Corps formation.


  1. Conduct Government projects with approval of AHQ at 1 Corps formation.
  2. Facilitating Military & Civil people by functioning Super market in Welfare complex – Iranamadu.

Lt Col AMAS Alugolla
Commanding Officer


Maj EADK Edirisinghe 06.08.2010 11.09.2012
Maj RMD Rathnayake 14.09.2012 09.10.2014
Lt Col RMD Rathnayake 10.10.2014 07.01.2017
Lt Col MSD Perera USP 12.01.2017 12.05.2019
Maj PASS Perera 13.05.2019 04.10.2020


Construction work of siting area bath room at 1 Corps

Construction of visitors’ room at 1 Corps Commander’s official house

Construction of saluting dais at 1 Corps

Renovation work for VIP bath room at 1 Corps

Construction of Commander’s rest room, pantry, ADC office & PA room of HQ Building at 1 Corps

Renovation works of Officers' Mess at 571 Inf Bde

Renovation & extension for HQ building at 1 Corps


Postal Address : Headquarters, 11th Engineer Services Regiment, Regional Security Center, Army Camp, Kilinochchi
Email Address : 11ceshqkln@gmail.com, 11esr@army.lk
Telephone Numbers : 0113176897