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ශ්‍රී ලංකා යුද්ධ හමුදා කාන්තා බළකාය

සවි බල සිත් අවි බල දෙත්

නිවාඩු නිකේතන

1. The Bungalow is consisted of 3 bed rooms, and can be reserved for :-

  • a. Serving Officers and Other Ranks in SLAWC.
  • b. Retired Officers and Other Ranks of SLAWC.
  • c. Serving/Retired Officers and Other Ranks of Other Regiments.
  • d. Close relations of SLAWC KIA Officers and Other Ranks.
  • e. Civillians.

2. Rates.

Description Rate
Serving Officers (Women’s Corps) Rs 2000.00
Serving Other Ranks (Women’s Corps) Rs 1500.00
Retired Officers (Women’s Corps) Rs 2000.00
Retired Other Ranks (Women’s Corps) Rs 1500.00
Officers (Other Regiments) Rs 4000.00
Other Ranks (Other Regiments) Rs 3500.00
Retired Officers (Other Regiments) Rs 4500.00
Retired Other Ranks (Other Regiments) Rs 4000.00
Civilians Rs 8000.00

3. For Reservations.

    Regimental Center Women's Corps


    Contact: 0112686498

4. Holiday Bungalow Views.