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16th February 2022 09:17:31 Hours

SLRA/SLAPC Coordinating Office celebrated 1st Anniversary

The SLRC / SLAPC Coordinating cell which was established on 11th Feb 2021, celebrated their first anniversary at the SLRC / SLAPC Coordinating cell premises on 11th Feb 2022 with a simple series of festivities with the participation of the Coordinating Cell staff and members of SLRC and SLAPC.

The events commenced with a Guard Turnout, presented to the Coordinating Officer Col IDD Fernando who were guided to the scene in a spectacle led by the ‘Rifle’ the stallion of Sri Lanka Rifle Corps.

The Officers and Other Ranks of Sri Lanka Rifle Corps and Pioneer Corps then attended the All ranks Tea Party conducted at the NCO’s Club of 1 SLRC. Colonel Dinesh Fernando together with staff officers of Coordinating Cell including Staff Officer I Lieutenant Colonel Manoj Weerawardhana, Staff Officer II Major Richard Wickramarachchi and officers of all battalions under the coordinating cell blazed the occasion.

Coordinating Office of SLRC/SLAPC was established in 2021 after the re-establishment of Sri Lanka Rifle Corps and Sri Lanka Army Pioneer Corps as four battalions. The focal task of the cell was principally focused on functioning as the Regimental Headquarters of Sri Lanka Rifle Corps and Sri Lanka Army Pioneer Corps.

The series of festivities conducted as per the health guidelines provided by the government and Army Headquarters.