Sri Lanka Army Pioneer Corps

Effort is soul of the Nation

10th January 2022 12:24:39 Hours

First Working Day of 1SLAPC - 2022

1 Sri Lanka Army pioneer corps commenced work in the first working day of 2022 (3rd January) in accordance with military formalities presided by Major UMP Udukumara – SLLI Commanding Officer 1SLAPC.

Commanding Officer marked the dawn of the New Year and attended the formal flag hoisting, recital of the National Anthem and the Army Song, observance of a two-minute silence, reading of state service oath and the Commander’s message. He also addressed the troops on the occasion and extended his best wishes.

Mr. Ayesh Kannangara, Public Inspector of Health - Pelawattha delivered an important lecture on prevention of COVID – 19 pandemic situation in parallel with the main programme.

A tea table towards the end of the programme gathered everyone for refreshments. The all arrangement followed health guidelines issued.