Sri Lanka Army Pioneer Corps

Effort is soul of the Nation

28th July 2021 07:58:55 Hours

The 1st Battalion of the Sri Lanka Army Pioneer Corps celebrated the 62nd Anniversary at its Headquarters.

Sri Lanka Army Pioneer Corps has been proudly celebrated its 62nd Anniversary on the 05th of July 2021. All programs were organized by the Officers and all ranks under the guidance of Commanding Officer 1SLAPC Colonel IDD Fernando in accordance with the rules and regulations of covid-19.

As the first event of the anniversary day, the alms giving ceremony was held at the camp premises for a troupe of fourteen Buddhist monks and was attended by traditional dancers and drummers.

A commemoration ceremony was held for the fallen war heroes who served under the Pioneer Corps, and wreaths were laid in their memory at the SLAPC War Heroes' Monument.

As a symbol of remembrance, the commanding officer was invited to plant a mango sapling at the camp premises. And, a group of officers and soldiers sat down for a group photograph. The Commanding Officer, officers, and other ranks then attended a special lunch.