11th September 2021 07:44:55 Hours


Tuesday (07) morning saw one more phase of the mock operation in the ongoing Field Training Exercise (FTX) 'Cormorant Strike -XI' where training troops liberated the Moragahakanda Dam under the East Asian Liberation Fighters' (ELF's) siege in a striking assault recapturing it after a fierce exchange of long range fire between Commando Brigade troops and those ELF terrorists.

The assault was launched at 6.00 am as airbone Commandos after rappelling from a helicopter close to the besieged 'Moragahakanda Dam' area entered the enemy strongholds. 8-man teams dropped from air as well as those ground-based swiftly separately infiltrated the enemy strongholds in a surprise move.

Commando Brigade soldiers with several foreign participants braving enemy fire, made strategic entries into the enemy territory and succeeded in recapturing the Moragahakanda dam and rescued people living in adjacent areas amidst heavy exchange of sustained firing that went on nearly for an hour.

The FTX, now in full swing in designated areas (see previous reports) is attended by 27 foreign troops, representing India, Bangladesh and Maldives countries in their capacity as participants or observers.

On Sunday (5), one more batch of Maldivian Defence Forces, including one Officer (Major), a Warrant Officer 1 (WO1) and eight other Non Commissioned Officers, visited the FTX's Operational Headquarters at Minneriya where the Deputy Exercise Director, Major General Anil Samarasiri and the Exercise Adviser Brigadier Sanka Jayamaha presented them with a comprehensive briefing on the FTX and its operational aspects.