Security Force Headquarters

Flag of SFHQ(MLT)


The flag of the Security Force Headquarters (Mullaittivu) consist a combination of historical shield bordered with white petal of Lotus, an upright golden sward with decorated hilt, four radiated arrows pointed in four directions and pair of paddy pods around the shield, all in front of a blue background along with the motto “Jawayen Rakimu Mawbhima” underneath.

The sward symbolizes the power, protection, authority and courage and it is a symbol of knighthood and chivalry. The upright golden sward in this flag represents the Sri Lanka Army while blue background defines the watery area of Mullaittivu. The historical shield which is copper in colour symbolizes the protection and the Sun in the centre on the shield represents the Sri Lankan Nationality. The white colour Lotus petal design in the border in the shield highlights the economic prosperity and understanding of eternal law. The four radiated silver colour arrow heads indicate the deployment of troops in all direction. It also signifies the overwhelming power of the Security Forces in Mullaittivu and the pair of paddy pods in golden colour highlights the fertility and sustainability.