Security Force Headquarters

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  • MLT Troops Listen to Lecture ‘HIV & AIDS’

    08th December 2019 11:03:58 Hours

    110 plus troops, including those from the Security Force Headquarters - Mullaittivu (SFHQ-MLT) listened to a lecture on ‘HIV & AIDS’ following initiatives taken by the Commander, Security Forces - Mullaittivu, Major General Jayantha Senavirathna on Wednesday (4) at the SFHQ-MLT auditorium.

  • 59 Division Anniversary Events Coincide with Promotion of GOC

    05th December 2019 09:11:35 Hours

    The newly-promoted Major General K.H.P.P Fernando, General Officer Commanding, 59 Division upon his arrival there after the promotion was welcomed in a Guard Turnout and a Parade, which day also coincided with the 12th anniversary of the 59 Division on Sunday (1).

  • 'Landscaping and Gardening' Introduced to MLT Troops

    13th November 2019 13:02:48 Hours

    A two-day workshop on 'Landscaping and Gardening' for troops was conducted at the Security Force Headquarters, Mullaitivu and Headquarters 59 Division during 4 - 5 November separately on the instructions of the Commander Security Forces - Mullaittivu, Major General Jayantha Seneviratne.

  • Awareness Workshop on 'Suicide prevention' Held for MLT Troops

    13th November 2019 12:54:52 Hours

    A team of medical experts at the Directorate of Preventive Medicine and Mental Health in the Army, including Colonel R. M. M Monaragala, Major U. P Mallawaarachchi, Captain S. M. P. K Samarakoon, Lieutenant P. A. C. P. K Peduruarachchi and Lieutenant K. P. K Anthony educated Mullaittivu troops on 'Suicide Prevention and Reduction of Mental stress' on Wednesday (6).

  • Mullaittivu Troops Also Join Tree Planting

    13th November 2019 09:48:56 Hours

    Expressing solidarity with the ongoing ‘Thruliya Wenuwen Api’ ‘Ranawiru Haritha Arana’ and ‘Wana Ropa’ national tree planting drives, 59 Division, 64 Division, 68 Division, Brigades, Units and all establishments of the Security Force Headquarters - Mullaittivu on the guidelines given by Major General Jayantha Senevirathne, Commander, Security Forces - Mullaittivu during 21-31 October joined the national project by planting varieties of saplings in their respective formations.

  • ORs’ Mess Building in 591 Brigade Opened

    29th October 2019 10:47:51 Hours

    The newly-built Other Ranks’ Mess building at the 591 Brigade Headquarters premises in Nanthikadal, Mullaittivu was vested in the Other Ranks during a simple ceremony on Wednesday (23), headed by Brigadier K.H.P.P Fernando, General Officer Commanding, 59 Division.

  • Hundreds of Mullaittivu Students Benefited in Army-Organized G.C.E (O/L) Seminar Sessions

    27th October 2019 10:23:10 Hours

  • 59 Div’s New Battalion Training School Inaugurated

    20th October 2019 11:03:45 Hours

  • Mullaittivu Troops Have Their Own Anniversary Commemorations

    16th October 2019 11:13:56 Hours

    All Security Force Headquarters (SFHQs) across the country, giving pride of place to Recitation of the National Anthem and the Army Song, Remembrance of War Heroes, Hoisting of the Army Flag, Reading of the Commander’s Message, Planting of Saplings, Blood Donation Projects, Self-help Cleaning Programmes, Conduct of Mobile Medical Camps for Civilians, etc, commemorated the Army Day & 70th Army Anniversary on Thursday (10) in parallel with the main ceremony at the Galle Face esplanade.

  • Mullaittivu Students & Volleyball Players in Civil Clubs Given Training

    08th October 2019 21:53:54 Hours

    In order to promote moves of reconciliation between civilians and Army personnel, the Security Force Headquarters - Mullaittivu (SFHQ-MLT) launched a volleyball training workshop inside the 64 Division Headquarters Grounds during 4-5 October.