Security Force Headquarters

News Features

  • New Innovations Encouraged for Mullaittivu Troops

    25th February 2020 18:39:48 Hours

    An awareness programme to educate new innovators of receiving the patent right for specific innovations got underway for troops of the Security Forces in Mullaittivu on Thursday (20) on the directions of the Commander Security Forces Mullathivu Major General Jayantha Senevirathna.

  • SFHQ-MLT Launches Goodwill Promotion Project

    18th February 2020 12:15:30 Hours

    A friendly get-together, meant to further foster prevailing bonds of goodwill and understanding, organized by the Security Force HQ-Mullaittivu got underway between state officials/private sector administrators and members of the Security Forces in Mullaittivu on Thursday (13).

  • 682 Brigade Troops Distribute Coconut Saplings among Civilians

    13th February 2020 22:34:06 Hours

    More than 200 coconut saplings, donated by the National Coconut Development Authority were distributed among civilians in the general areas of Puthukuduiruppu, Varnavil on Saturday (8) to coincide with the Army Headquarters-initiated ‘Thuru Mithuru - Nawa Ratak’ project of the Acting Chief of Defence Staff and Commander of the Army, Lieutenant General Shavendra Silva.

  • 6 (V) MIC Volleyball Players Carry Away Championship in Mullaittivu

    10th February 2020 12:38:03 Hours

    Intending to promote goodwill, understanding and sports skills among soldiers serving all formations under the Security Force Headquarters - Mullaittivu (SFHQ-MLT), a volleyball tournament was organized, following an initiative of Major General Jayantha Senevirathna, Commander, Security Forces - MLT.

  • All SFHQs, Divisions, Brigades & Formations Conduct Island-wide National Independence Day Projects

    06th February 2020 10:36:00 Hours

  • Officers in All Mullaittivu Formations Listen to Lecture

    05th February 2020 08:57:18 Hours

    A joint lecture on ‘Future of Sri Lanka due to Geo-political Interests of World Powers’ was delivered by the Commanding Officer and a few other Officers of the 7 Gemunu Watch during an arrangement at the 68 Division Headquarters on Wednesday (22).

  • Troops in Mullaittivu with Civilians Learn about ‘Bee-Keeping’

    29th January 2020 10:03:05 Hours

    Security Force Headquarters - Mullaittivu (SFHQ-MLT) on the instructions of Major General Jayantha Seneviratna, Commander, Security Forces – Mullaittivu organized several educative workshops in 59, 64 and 68 Division Headquarters on ‘Bee-Keeping’, together with 200 plus civilians and a similar number of Army troops during 25 - 26 January.

  • Army Musicians Bring Joy to Mullaittivu Civilians in Mega Musical Show

    28th January 2020 10:42:40 Hours

    The popular Army musical ensemble, ‘Highlanders’ rent the air in Mullaittivu on Saturday (25) with rhythmic beats and accompanying entertaining features during a mega musical show organized by the 59 Division HQ on the directions of Major General Jayantha Seneviratne, Commander, Security Forces - Mullaittivu (SF-MLT)

  • 682 Brigade Troops Restore Vehicle Movement on Damaged Road

    21st January 2020 11:25:21 Hours

    682 Brigade troops of the Security Force Headquarters - Mullaittivu (SFHQ-MLT) responded positively and renovated a dangerously-damaged road patch along the Puthukkuddiyirippu - Iranapalei road near Fatima Mosque.

  • SFHQ-Mullaittivu & Formations Hold Simultaneous Blessing Ceremonies

    17th January 2020 12:27:24 Hours

    SFHQ-Mullaittivu on the directions of Major General Jayantha Senevirathna, Commander, SF-MLT contributed to the religious arrangements by way of conducting a special Bodhi Pooja at Muladeepa Vihara inside the SFHQ-MLT premises.