Security Force Headquarters

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  • 64 Division's New GOC Assumes Duties

    12th April 2020 11:27:44 Hours

    Major General H.E.M.R.B.T Hathnagoda assumed duties as the 13th General Officer Commanding (GOC) of the 64 Division of the Security Force Headquarters - Mullaittivu on Thursday (9) during a simple arrangement. On entering, he performed religious observances and made offerings to the Buddha before he placed his signature for an official document.

  • 68 Division Troops Support Distribution of Relief Packs among the Underprivileged

    10th April 2020 13:14:49 Hours

    Troops of the 68 Division under command to the Security Force HQ- Mullaittivu on Tuesday (7) coordinated the distribution of ' Manusath Derana'-sponsored relief packs for needy people in Puthukuduirippu and Suganthipuram villages.

  • Mullaittivu Commander Takes Stock of Health Concerns in Puthukudyrippu

    01st April 2020 10:45:07 Hours

    Major General Deepthi Jayathilake, Commander, Security Forces - Mullaittivu toured the general area of Puthukudyirippu with the intention of inquiring into the needs of civilians and their concerns after curfew hours were lifted on Monday (30).

  • Awareness Lecture on ‘Prevention from COVID-19’ Held in Mullaittivu

    30th March 2020 12:20:25 Hours

    An awareness lecture on ‘Prevention from COVID-19 Pandemic’ was delivered to nearly 70 plus troops, including Other Ranks of the 59, 64, 68 Divisions at the auditorium of the Security Forces - Mullaittivu on Friday (27) on the directions of the Commander, Security Forces-Mullaittivu, Major General Deepthi Jayathilake.

  • 59, 64 & 68 Divisions Welcome New Mullaittivu Commander

    18th March 2020 21:29:14 Hours

    Major General Deepthi Jayathilaka, the newly-appointed Commander, Security Forces - Mullaittivu (SF-MLT) in order to be familiar with formations under command to the Security Force HQ - MLT (SFHQ-MLT) visited 59, 64, 68 Divisions recently.

  • Major General Seneviratne Relinquishes as Mullaittivu Commander

    10th March 2020 13:09:58 Hours

    Troops of the Security Force Headquarters - Mullaittivu on Wednesday (4) wished good luck to Major General Jayantha Seneviratne, Commander, Security Forces - Mullaittivu on the eve of his relinquishment of office as Mullaittivu Commander.

  • SFHQ-MLT-Organized Mammoth Soccer Tournament Ends with Thrilling Final Matches

    04th March 2020 11:56:11 Hours

    Finals in the Interclub Soccer Tournament organized by the 68 Division of the Security Force Headquarters - Mullaittivu (SFHQ-MLT) as one of their community-oriented projects, meant to promote gestures of reconciliation and goodwill got underway on Sunday (1) at Pudukuduirippu Central College playground in the presence of Major General Jayantha Seneviratne, Commander, Security Forces - Mullaittivu as the Chief Guest.

  • 59 Division GOC Upon His Promotion Given Welcome

    04th March 2020 11:51:46 Hours

    A Guard Turnout and a Guard of Honour parade in conformity with military traditions saluted Major General W.L.P.W Perera, General Officer Commanding, 59 Division, when he upon elevation of his rank arrived at the 59 Division HQ premises in Nanthikadal on Tuesday (25).

  • 682 Brigade's 11th Anniversary Marked with Religious Programmes

    25th February 2020 18:54:36 Hours

    682 Brigade HQ in Puthukuduirippu of the Security Force HQ- Mullaittivu marked its 11th anniversary beginning on Saturday (15) with the participation of its Brigade Commander and all ranks.

  • 593 Brigade 11th Anniversary Marked

    25th February 2020 18:44:53 Hours

    Giving pride of place to Buddhist, Hindu and Catholic religious observances, the 593 Brigade HQ marked its 11th Anniversary on Friday (14) at its premises in Nayaru.