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01st January 2019 12:46:43 Hours

Tamil Flood Victims in Kilinochchi & Mullaittivu Raise their Voice

Flood-affected civilians in Kilinochchi and Mullaittivu areas, publicly requesting the continued Army assistance and their presence in times of their disasters and denouncing northern politicians have put up hand written posters in several major areas, such as Oddusuddan, Wasanthipuram, Pandarawani, Mandakandal, Peraru, Udayarkattukulam South, Suhandirapuram, Dharmapuram, Vattakachchi, Vallikulam, Theravil, Irattamadu, Valluwarpulam, etc praising the Army and demanding its continued humanitarian services further.

According to Tamil newspapers, ‘Thinakkural’, ‘Tamil Mirror’ and Sinhala newspapers ‘Divaina’, ‘Mavubima’ and ‘Sathiaga Aruna’, those posters, many of which had been written largely on pieces of cardboard boxes (boxes that carried meal packets and relief items) and broad sheets of white papers that wrapped relief essentials stated; “Tribute to the Army for Rescuing Us from Floods”, “Our Salute to Army Troops for Help in our both Good and Bad Times”, “What would Happen to us in the Absence of the Army when Floods Struck ? ”, “We want the Army to Continue their Services Here”, “No Tamil Politicians were there to Help Us, except the Army”, etc.

Some of those posters had been stuck below huge bill boards along roadsides erected by the Northern Provincial Council to advertise about their projects.

In the meantime, the former Northern Provincial Councillor of Tamil National Alliance (TNA) Mr M.K Shivajilingam was quoted in the ‘Sathiaga Aruna’ newspaper saying that he is totally against the complete withdrawal of the Army from the Northern Province. “If the Army is to be pulled out from the Northern Province, there lies the danger of the united country getting divided. I am not at all opposed to the presence of Army troops in the North as has been the case elsewhere in the rest of the country. I profusely thank the Army for its dedicated services during the floods”, he was quoted reportedly.