Security Force Headquarters

13th April 2022 11:50:13 Hours

Army Samaritans Save Two Civilians Surveying Oddusudan Tank

Troops of the 642 Brigade of the 64 Division under the Security Force HQ - Mullaittivu promptly responded and saved the lives of two civilians, engaged in surveying the Urambakulam tank at Oddusuddan DS Division, Mullaittivu when their canoe capsized in swelling waters in the Urambakulam tank on Tuesday (05) evening.

Those four-member surveying team of the Geological Survey and Mines Bureau Technical Pvt Ltd, all in the age range of 25 to 30 years were surveying the tank when their canoe unexpectedly capsized in the middle of the tank causing all of them fall into water. However, one of them held on to the capsized canoe, but other three turned helpless in deep waters being unable to swim across towards the land.

Troops at 642 Brigade on duty in the nearby area on hearing the sudden screams of those victims around 4.15 pm quickly rushed to the scene and swam towards them. Not thoughtful of their own lives, Major H.P.S.P Peiris and Lance Corporal W.S Welabadage serving in the 642 Brigade swiftly jumped into the water in a flash and rescued those two drowning persons.

However, one person had gone under water and found missing with the canoe. Rescued two civilians were given first aid by Army personnel and rushed to the nearby hospital.

Together with Policemen in Oddusuddan, civilians and 642 Brigade troops afterwards conducted a search operation and found the missing person’s dead body and the canoe around 6.30 pm.