Security Force Headquarters



All the Internally Displaced Persons in Mullaittivu District have been temporary settled in Manik Farm IDP center, immediately after the Humanitarian Operation. After the clearing of mines and UXOs by the Security Forces in Security Force Command Mullaittvu, had an opportunity to resettled families those who lived in Manik Farm IDP center in their native places on 07 October 2010 onwards. From that up to now Security Forces involved strengthening of peoples livelihood and as today 25034 families and 79048 members were resettled.


Army has constructed 166 permanent houses, 672 temporary houses and reconstructed 132 houses for the people whom lost their shelters due to the heavy battle.


The road network and transportation system have been reconstructed and as today support given to construct 47 miner roads, 4 culverts and bridges.


At the commencement of rehabilitation programme, the provision of infrastructure and sanitary facilities were considerable matter at Humanitarian Operational areas, so that the Army contributed much effort to repair and reconstruct 456 wells to facilitate the drinking water. A couple of new water purification plants were installed at keppapulavu model village and kaiveli village at puddukkudiyruppu. Army has constructed 185 toilets for the civilians.


Army involved to the development of the educationally institutes and schools which were destroyed due to the war. Some of those were under the unusable situation as the effect of the abounded of repair and reconstructions. The Army got actions of repairing and constructing enable to the future generation getting the educational advantages. 11 preschools, 1school building and 102 jerry built constructions were repaired by the Army. Students of 12 schools were donated school items and equipment with the purpose of up liftmen of the education. Foot bicycles were given to the school students to make the easy of their schooling. 21 school grounds were constructed instead of that 500 scholarships were given among school children who were worth of more than 10000 Rupees. Army made the environment of rising up the exposure of the students providing chances in 3rd times to travel in down South of the country where they never had a visit in their life due the battle.


Distribution of spectacles at 3 times and 34 medical clinics were organized with the purpose of uplifting the life condition of the villagers those who live in close proximity to the Security Force Command.


Army has provided the assistant of construction of 3 religious places. Also Army has given the cooperation for the success of the functions of religious activates at 47 times.


26 sports meets were organized by Army with the view of enhance the talents of the sport players and competitors of the area. Instead of that sport items were distributed among the sport clubs of the region. Sport trainings of Cricket, Football and Elle have been organized for the civilians by the Army at several times.


Numbers of programms have been launched to enhance the livelihood of the people in the area, for that sewing machines have been distributed among the widows of the villagers’, cow, goats and chicks have all been given away among the people. Fishing nets have been distributed among the fishermen.