Security Force Headquarters



This Bde has been established on 22 March 2009 and deployed at chalai area end of the humanitarian operation as 554 Bde it was Under Comd to 55 Div .At the beginning Bde Comd was Col GWDK Jayathilake , Initial stage 02x Offrs and 08x NCOs were in the Bde as Bde Staff. Bde had 3xBns they are 4 SLLI, 8 SLSR and 29 SLNG. After a few months ago Bde was redeployed at GR 839707 (1:50000 Iranamadu Map) in suthanthirapuram area on 10 June 2009. Bde renamed by AHQ On 08 July 2009 as 683 and under comd to TF 8.

On 12 July 2009 Bde has under comd to 68 Div. Col GWDK Jayathilake has went for overseas course On 05 October 2009. Due to that CO - 8 SLSR Lt Col PRRP Jayawardana appointed as overlooking duties until appt a new Bde Comd. On 29 October 2009 Lt Col MWAA Wijesooriya RSP appt as offg Bde Comd and T/O the duties as the Bde comd at above mentioned day.

Bde has redeployed at Udayarkattu North on 31 July 2011, SFHQ (MLT) Comd Maj Gen LBR Mark RSP USP ndu attended as the chief guest for open the Bde HQ.

After completed Lt Col MWAA Wijesooriya RSP period Brig AS Hewawitharana RSP IG T/O the duties as Comd 683 Bde on 18 July 2012. Bde having 2xBns at present they are 5 SLSC (RFT) and 7 GW.


Col DP Jayasinghe RSP


Ser no RANK NAME From To
1. Colonel GWDK Jayathilaka 20.05.2009 29.10.2010
2. Lieutenant Colonel MWAA Wijesuriya RSP 29.10.2009 31.05.2012
3. Colonel MWAA Wijesuriya RSP 01.06.2012 14.07.2012
4. Colonel AS HewavitharanaRSP IG 18.07.2012 28.02.2013
5. Brigadier AS HewavitharanaRSP IG 01.03.2013 09.01.2014
6. Lieutenant Colonel B I Assalarachchi psc 09.01.2014 09.03.2014
7. Colonel TDRN Gunawardane 10.03.2014 17.05.2015
8. Colonel N P A Gunawardane RSP 18.05.2015 17.08.2016
9. Colonel HKACR Kodithuwakku RSP USP 18.08.2016
10. Brigadier HKACR Kodithuwakku RWP RSP USP 27.08.2017
11. Colonel DP Jayasinghe RSP 28.08.2017 Up to Date


Headquarter 683 Brigade
Army Camp
Udyarkaddu North

Email - 683bde@army.lk,hq683brigade@gmail.com
Tel - 0113030878
Fax - 0113090195