Security Force Headquarters


    233 Inf Bde has been raised in BATTICOLOA as 3rd Bde of Sri Lanka Army in 1991 Feb 26 and Bde has been renamed as 233 Inf Bde in July 1995. The Bde has been operated in BATTICOLOA and POLONNARUWA district area and contributed to estb of peace in Eastern province. The 233 Inf Bde has been deployed vakarai in year 2007 and up to now 28 Bde Comds commanded the Bde.

    After Humanitarian op, area is totaly control by the Government and situation is normal. There is no major incident that occurred after liberation of VAKARAI. However, most of the development programmes have been taken place in the area, in parallel to Eastern Province development programmes and presently provide assistance to govt authority to sp govt process to prevent the spread of COVID – 19 pandemic situation. VAKARAI is totaly peacefull. SF are assisting government authority to maintain the law and order. Govt and non Govt organizations are active in the area as a part of on going development projects. As a whole there is complete freedom for peaceful living in the area under existing pandemic situation in the country.

    There are 314 GN Divisions in AOR. Generally the area is flat and open with fair amount of civilian settlements closer to small townships. Major part of the area is covered with both primary and secondary jungles. The Eastern coast is the Indian Ocean.


  Brig AMU SENEVIRATHNA RSP USP 28.02.1991 04.05.1991
  Brig NKS ANGAMMANA RSP psc 04.05.1991 05.03.1992
  Brig LCR GUNAWARDANA RSP USP 05.03.1992 08.09.1994
  Brig JKN JAYAKODY USP 08.09.1994 22.10.1994
  Brig GSC FONSEKA USP psc 22.10.1994 08.02.1995
  Brig KB EGODAWELA RSP USP 08.02.1995 05.07.1995
  Brig SHS KOTTEGODA RWP 05.07.1995 14.07.1995
  Brig SHS KOTTEGODA RWP 05.07.1995 14.07.1995


  Brig SHS KOTTEGODA RWP RSP 14.07.1995 10.05.1996
  Brig AED WIJENDRA RSP USP psc 10.05.1996 28.10.1996
  Brig PSP MUNASINGHA RWP RSP USP 28.10.1996 18.12.1996
  Col NA JAYASOORIYA RWP RSP psc 18.12.1996 13.10.1997
  Col AR ZACKY USP 13.10.1997 28.10.2000
  Lt Col VRL ANTHONIZ RSP psc IG 28.10.2000 01.01.2001
  Col VRL ANTHONIZ RSP psc IG 01.01.2001 20.08.2001
  Col GPR DE SILVA 20.08.2001 03.09.2003
  Col LAD AMARATHUNGA RSP USP 03.09.2003 01.12.2004
  Col LAD AMARATHUNGA RSP USP 03.09.2003 01.12.2004
  Brig LAD AMARATHUNGA RSP USP 01.12.2004 22.05.2005
  Brig LBR MARK RSP 22.05.2005 09.09.2005
  Brig NAJC DIAS RWP RSP 09.09.2005 17.12.2005
  Col KADA KARUNASEKARA RSP psc 17.12.2005 12.08.2006
  Lt Col WAVA SUDASINGHA IG 12.08.2006 06.06.2007
  Col WAVA SUDASINGHA IG 06.06.2007 04.02.2009
  Lt Col TD WEERAKOON RSP 04.02.2009 01.08.2009
  Col TD WEERAKOON RSP 01.08.2009 23.08.2011
  Col HPNK JAYAPATHIRANA RSP 23.08.2011 01.11.2012
  Col WS ARIYASINGHA RSP 01.11.2012 28.02.2013
  Brig WS ARIYASINGHA RSP 01.03.2013 24.05.2013
  Col DG HEWAGE RSP 21.06.2013 01.05.2014
  Col N HATHURUSINGHE psc IG Hdmc 01.05.2014 08.08.2014
  Brig N HATHURUSINGHE psc IG Hdmc 09.08.2014 11.03.2016
  Col JMC JAYAWEERA RSP psc 11.03.2016 04.09.2016
  Col SJ PRIYADARSHANA RWP RSP USP 05.09.2016 05.01.2017
  Col JMC JAYAWEERA RSP psc 12.01.2017 11.02.2018
  Col KA SAMARASIRI RWP RSP USP psc 12.02.2018 07.01.2019
  Col R ELVITIGALA USP 08.01.2019 12.03.2020
  Brig R ELVITIGALA USP 12.03.2020 2021.01.21
  Col R W K HEWAGE RWP RSP 2021.01.22 Up to Date