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 Commanders Wishes Best of Luck & Prosperity to All in the New Year-2023

2023-01-01 00:09:18

Lieutenant General Vikum Liyanage, Commander of the Army in his New Year Message Extends Warmest New Year-2023 Greetings to All in the Army and Wishes Best of Luck and Prosperity !  Here follows the full text of his New Year Message:


At the dawn of New Year 2023, I wholeheartedly extend my warmest greetings for a prosperous New Year to all officers, other ranks and the civilian staff of the Sri Lanka Army.

The selfless sacrifices made by the gallant members of the Sri Lanka Army are immeasurable, undeniable and their legacies will be passed down from year to year to the next generations. I take this opportunity to pay my tribute to all gallant men and women of the Army who made supreme sacrifice in the line of the duty to ensure national security. I, with respect, recall all those who sustained injuries and became disabled in performing their duties to protect our motherland and wish them a speedy recovery.

I wish to pay a respected tribute to of His Excellency Ranil Wickremesinghe, the President of the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka and the Commander-in-Chief of the Sri Lankan Armed Forces for the visionary leadership given for the betterment of the Sri Lanka Army amidst current challenges and economic difficulties in the country. I also wish to express my sincere admiration for the able guidance of Honourable Premitha Bandara Tennakoon, State Minister of Defence, continued support of General G D H Kamal Gunaratne (Retd) WWV RWP RSP USP ndc psc MPhil, Secretary to the Ministry of Defence and General Shavendra Silva WWV RWP RSP VSV USP ndc psc MPhil, Chief of Defence Staff.

The Sri Lanka Army, as the ‘Protector’ of the state, has been spearheading its main role of safeguarding national interests by expanding its services into diversified spheres. The selfless assistance extended by the Army personnel during natural calamities, COVID-19 pandemic, nation-building and development projects of the country is a matter to be acknowledged with greater pride. It is our prime responsibility as the Army personnel to swiftly and boldly act against the threats to national security whenever there are such challenges. To meet this end, Commanders at all levels should strive to maintain the combat readiness and envisage the possible challenges constantly and train the under-command troops to face possible challenges.

Most importantly, I wish to commend you for your exceptional level of discipline, efficiency and professionalism exhibited in planning and executing missions during the recent upheavals in the country to bring the public lives back into normalcy and to ensure the overall security of the country. The supremacy of any army that could be adorned is the discipline of its members, thus I emphasize to maintain the discipline and exemplary conduct that you have been exhibiting in the coming year as well. The challenges and hardships being experienced by the public is not an exception to yourselves, yet your commitment to discharge the entrusted duties at your best is the testimony to your loyalty, professionalism and altruism.

We, as the members of the victorious Sri Lanka Army, have been vested with the prime responsibility of safeguarding sovereignty, territorial integrity and unity of the country, and ensuring national security by protecting constitution and the democratic process. In addition to these primary roles, there are numerous secondary tasks that are being performed and we should earnestly determine to carry out those tasks more effectively and efficiently than the previous year, in the best interest of the nation.

We should also pioneer the accomplishment of reconciliation and desired development goals in economic, social and cultural aspects by providing a maximum contribution towards those initiatives. Besides, the Army’s involvement in restoring the agricultural sector has been significant in overcoming the current economic crisis in the country and this contribution to be extended in a more organised and efficient way in the future. Further, we should be exemplary to the public in selflessly committing to duty, economical usage of the existing limited resources and supporting the recovery from the prevailing condition where the country needs financial stability to move forward.

It should be noted that we have initiated preliminary arrangements to streamline the organisational structure, operational deployment and concept of operation of the Army to be in line with the possible challenges in the future and it is one of my main objectives in the year 2023 to lead the Army based on the modern concepts. I also wish to stress the importance of constantly reviewing the progress of ongoing projects and focus our fullest efforts to achieve stipulated timelines and objectives. Even amidst this turbulent period that we are passing as a country, progressive plans are to be implemented by managing all available resources to uphold the pride and efficiency of the Army.

All heads of the institutions are reminded that it is your duty to ensure well-being of your under-commands. This challenging period has severely affected the lower ranks and the civil employees and all possible measures are to be taken to address their matters practically. I earnestly expect that the matters which are beyond your purview would be forwarded to me through the proper channel without any delay.

Our sportsmen and women have made the Sri Lanka Army and the country proud by securing national and international level victories, and it is my belief that the coming year would further enrich our legacy in the sports field. I have a feeling of contentment on the welfare measures carried out during the past year for the professional betterment and upliftment of living standards of serving members, retired Army personnel, civil employees and their family members. I aspire to continue those welfare projects in the coming year, expanding the number of beneficiaries and the range of facilities.

It is my earnest expectation that all of you would join hands to further uphold the dignity of the Sri Lanka Army gained over the years by rendering an honourable service to the nation and I believe officers at all levels, other ranks and civil employees would provide the fullest support and cooperation to this noble cause. I also expect that you will execute the entrusted duties and responsibilities in maintaining the dignity and honour of the Army in the New Year as well.

I also wish to take this opportunity to express my gratefulness to the President and all members of Army Seva Vanitha Unit who are rendering immense service for the Army personnel and may all your projects be successful in this New Year.

In conclusion, I wish you all who are presently in active service and protecting this nation, the retired Army personnel, civil employees and each and every member of those families, courage, strength and fortune to accomplish the goals set for the year 2023.

Let’s commit ourselves to protect and strengthen our beloved motherland.

May you have a New Year filled with peace, happiness, prosperity and good health!



Lieutenant General         

Commander of the Army


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