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 Egg Stocks Produced by Army Farms Distributed Thru ASVU-run Welfare Shops

2020-10-29 10:42:24

Taking a new leap towards the nutrition factor among Army personnel and considering the need to be self-sufficient in eggs, Directorate of Agriculture and Livestock of the Army on the guidelines given by the Army Chief to be in line with his visionary ‘Thuru Mithuru-Nawa Ratak’ concept has recently inaugurated the Layer Poultry Farming for mass production of eggs to the entire organization. By the year 2021, the Army is expected to be self-sufficient in eggs.

The preliminary Layer Management Project (Stage 1) for production of eggs was launched with 25,000 Layer Chickens in August this year at the 5 (V) Sri Lanka General Service Corps (SLGSC)-managed Polonnaruwa-Galkanda Army Farm under the close guidance of Brigadier Indrajith Kandanarachchi, Director, Directorate of Agriculture and Livestock who has planned to multiply the production to reach 100,000 layer chickens on a staggered basis covering several other Army farms too in future.

The first stock of 50,000 new eggs, produced by egg-laying chickens at the Galkanda Army Farm for the first time reached the Security Force HQ-East at Welikanda for use among troops under command to it and also the Army Seva Vanitha Unit (ASVU) at the Army HQ for onward distribution among ASVU-run welfare shops at different locations.

On Monday (26), the first stock of 10,000 eggs was delivered to the ASVU office in an attempt to further stimulate welfare roles, being carried out by the ASVU, chaired by Mrs Sujeewa Nelson. On behalf of Brigadier Indrajith Kandanarachchi, Director, Directorate of Agriculture and Livestock, Major J Rajanayake Commanding Officer at Galkanda Army Farm handed the consignment to Colonel Anura Wijekoon, Colonel (Admin) at the ASVU, symbolizing the continued supply of own-produced eggs to ASVU welfare shops for sale at subsidized price. Staff Officers of the Directorate of Agriculture and Livestock (DAL) and ASVU Office at the AHQ were also present at the occasion.

DAL under the Stage 2 also expects to be self-sufficient in the entire Army requirement of eggs by the year 2021 with expansion of chicken farms to Army Farms in Kurunegala and Balalle also after the DAL completes the full need of the eggs in all units under command to the East and Mullaittivu Security Force HQs by the end of this year. The project is expected to cover all remaining units under West, Central, Jaffna, Kilinochchi, Wanni and Mullaittivu SFHQs by the year 2021 on a staggered basis after the farms multiply its capacity to 100,000 egg-laying chickens.

In order to provide food to those chickens, those farming centres have already commenced production of poultry fodder, Farm-Made Rations by cultivating maize, soya, sorghum and other cereal grains inside their locations, thereby cutting nearly half of the capital expenditure, being incurred on maintenance of those layer hens.

Directorate of Agriculture and Livestock which undertook this essential project on the directions of the Commander of the Army expects to be self-sufficient in eggs, needed on a daily basis to the entire organization’s consumption. It also expects to select the highly egg productive layer breeds as the production process continues. The DAL has also facilitated troops interested in poultry farming to gain scientific knowledge on mass scale productions, taking place in other countries in close coordination with respective agencies as well.

Layer poultry farming means raising egg laying poultry birds for the purpose of commercial egg production. Layer chickens are such a special species of hens, which need to be raised from when they are one day old. They start laying eggs commercially from 18-19 weeks of age.


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