Officers and Other Ranks serving in the “Ranaviru Apparal (RVAPL) Yakkala” joined together in their annual trip to Kataragama, a two day pilgrimage plus a holiday trip held from 20 to 21 September with the blessings of Major General Manjula Manatunga Commandant – RVAPL.

However, this year’s annual trip was organized with objectives of developing inter - personal relationships, cohesiveness, Team building, organizing skills, motivation and to reduce working stress. Similarly, considering this as a welfare event for differently able troops.
On the first day (20), the troops reached to the holy city of God Kataragama and dressed in white dresses took part in a special Kapruk Pooja in front of Buddhist Pagoda at Kirivehera temple and offered gilanpasa to incumbent of Kirivehera temple followed by the offering of “Ataprikara” pooja.

The religious ceremony, including a colorful procession and an interesting Dhamma sermon delivered by Ven. Gombatte Sobhith Thero of Kirivehera temple got underway, under the supervision of Commandant and Deputy Commandant of RVAPL, at the Temple premises in Kataragama.

The sermon was conducted in order to transfer merits to fallen War Heroes including those died while serving in the RVAPL, invoke blessings on serving, BOM Members and civil employees of the RVAPL as well as to inspire the troops in the Ranaviru Apparels for religious activities.

Afterwards, troop’s procession comprised of traditional dancers (Kawadee) and Hevisi groups walked together up to the entrance of Kataragama Devala and organized themselves at the front of Devala with offerings to God Katharagama for blessings on the same day evening.

Meanwhile troops of RVAPL organized a donation programm to provide a book pack to students at remote School Mo/ Gonaganara Maha vidyalaya at Gonaganara in Katharagama with the sponsorship, provided by troops of RVAPL.

On the following day (21) morning, on their way back to Camp from Kataragama, troops stopped for a short while at the bunt at Tank of Chandrika in Ambilipitiya and enjoyed a bath with their colleagues, supervisors and managers at all levels backed by the DJ music group of RVAPL.

On the directions of Major General Manjula Manathunga Commandant – RVAPL, the whole event was conducted the process with minimum cost under the supervision of Brigadier Kapila Ranaweera the Deputy Commandant – RVAPL.

Several key appointment holders including Commandant, Deputy Commandant, Factory Manager, Human Resource Manager, Production Planning and Work Study Manager, all the officers and other ranks serving the RVAPL joined in this annual trip.

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