Troops Serving at Ranaviru Apperal Factories (RVAPL) at Yakkala and Alawwa organized a series of events to coincide with the main programme of the Sri Lanka Army’s 69th Anniversary, on the directions of Brigadier Senaka Dasanayake, Commandant and supervised by Brigadier Kapila Ranaweera, Deputy commandant during 9th and 10th October at the respective camp premises.

On 09th October, the differently able troops and other troops serving at the Ranaviru Apparel (RVAPL) – Yakkala took part in a Dhamma Sermon programme organized by Administrative Staff on account of Sri Lanka Army’s 69th Anniversary.

The religious ceremony, including a colourful procession and an interesting Dhamma sermon delivered by Venarabale Thalagamuwe Sudheerananda Thero got underway, under the guidance of Commandant at the RVAPL camp premises in Yakkala.

The sermon was conducted in order to transfer merits to fallen War Heroes and invoke blessings on serving troops, civil employees of the RVAPL and BoM Senior Member Lieutenant Colonel (Rtd) Upali Gajanayake who is under treatment, as well as to inspire the troops in the Ranaviru Apparels for religious activities.

A large crowd including the Commandant, Deputy Commandant and Factory Manger together with senior officers, officers, other ranks, civil staff in the RVAPL and Civilians of the area participated in the event.

On the following day morning, Army flag was hoisted in accordance with the military formalities at the RVPL camp premises in Yakkala by the Commandant, Brigadier Senaka Dasanayake in order to mark the 69 Army Day.

Afterwards, a two minute silence was conducted in memory of fallen War- heroes who made the supreme sacrifice in defense of the motherland before reading the message of Commander of the Sri Lanka, issued on account of the 69th Army Day.

However, planting of tree saplings at the camp premises followed by a troop address culminated the first session of the day's programme.
All the Officers and Other Ranks including civil employees attended the event.

Meanwhile, Officers and Other Ranks serving in the “Ranaviru Apperal (RVAPL) Alawwa” attended to a similar progarmme organized at their camp premises on 10 Oct to mark the 69 Army Day, under the guidance and supervision of Commandant and Factory Manager of Alawwa.

Similarly, Army Flag was hoisted by Lieutenant Colonel Lieutenant Colonel Chaminda Thibbotuge, Factory Manager of Ranaviru Apparel Alawwa during a simple ceremony organized at the Alawwa Camp premises followed by two minute silence, Reading of Sri Lanka Army Commander’s Message and Troop address.

Meanwhile, as per the second session of the day’s programme of Yakkala Factory, troops organized a donation campaign to Peter Weerasekera Children’s Home at Yakkala on the instructions and directions of Commandant and Deputy Commandant.

Troops entertained 45 inmates at the Children’s Home to a Lunch and gave away School Uniforms , toys , sweets and other school essentials in the company of the Commandant and other senior officers including Deputy Commandant.

Several Senior Officers and Other Ranks attended in the event.

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