Troops of Ranaviru Apparel (RVAPL) together with differently able troops serving at Yakkala Factory celebrated the 22nd anniversary very simply due to covid 19 pandemic situations, giving priorities to religious activities at the camp premises in Yakkala on 10th December 2020.

On 9th December as the 1st phase of the anniversary, including an interesting Dhamma sermon delivered by the Ven Ududumbara Meththawansha Tera of Indigolle Vidyawansha viharaya was held under the direction of Commandant of RVAPL, at the camp premises in Yakkala to bless all members including differently able troops serving the RVAPL and the Army as well as to transfer merits to fallen War Heroes.

On the following day (10 December) morning the alms given to the community of monks at Indigolla Vidyawansha Viharaya - Yakkala .

All officers, Other Ranks and members of the civil staff participated in the anniversary formalities.

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