The Gemunu Watch

Tarry Not Forward

06th September 2023 06:45:21 Hours


43rd Colour Blessing Ceremony was held at Kataragama Pooja Bhoomi on 15th and 16th of August 2023.The main purpose of this ceremony was to mark the 43rd anniversary of receiving presidential colours and unit colours to 1st Bn of the Gemunu watch and 2nd and 3rd (volunteer) Bn of the Gemunu Watch. Also 11 years for receiving Presidential colours and Regimental colours to the Gemunu Watch.The ceremony was coordinated by COs of 1st, 2nd and 3rd Bns of the Gemunu Watch.

The ceremony was started at Katharagama Puja Bhoomi on 15th evining with a beautiful procession and it was led to the Kiriwehera temple. Venerable Keballakatiye Premarathne set all of them in Panchaseela and blessed to the flags. Thereafter blessings were conducted at Kataragama Devala premise. Subsequently, a pirith chanting ceremony was held at temple premise with the participation of Most Venerable Kobawaka Damminda and other clergies untill next day morning.

Concluding the event 16th morning a heal danaya was offered for Maha Sangha by all participants. General Officer Commanding of 51 Infantry Division and Col of the Regt ot the Gemunu watch Maj Gen SWB Welagedara RSP VSV USP ndc, Centre Comdt Brig WBJK Wimalarathne RWP RSP along with other senior officers, Retd Senior Officers, Commanding Officers, Officers, Regiment Sergent Majors and retd soldier association of the Gemunu Watch and the President and members of the Seva Vanitha branch of the Gemunu Watch participated in this event.