The Gemunu Watch

Tarry Not Forward

14th Volunteer Battalion the Gemunu Watch

This Battalion was raised on 7th. January 1997 at Warani North, Kodikamam, in the Jaffna Peninsula. The nucleus of the Battalion was formed from personnel of other Volunteer Battalions of the Regiment of the Gemunu Watch. Soldiers who had been granted a general amnesty on re-joining the Army were also attached to the new Battalion. Major. M. Subasena was the Battalion’s first Commanding Officer.

According to the mandate given to this Battalion, involvement in combat operations against Tamil Militancy took priority since the Battalion was raised. The Battalion was also tasked on duties planned to restore normalcy in areas devastated consequent to natural disasters and calamities.

Since its inception in 1997, 09 Other Ranks have been Killed-in-Action and 20 Other Ranks have suffered disabilities, some permanently.

Former Commanding Officers:

Srl No Rank Name From To
1 Maj WBL Fernando 1997.01.07 1999.02.12
2 Lt Col WARC Perera RSP 1999.02.12 2000.06.07
3 Maj KAP Jayasekara WWV RSP psc 2000.06.08 2003.06.17
4 Maj SR Thrimavithana 2003.06.18 2007.11.10
5 Lt Col KDP Kahapola RSP 2007.11.10 2009.04.28
6 Lt Col KDCGJ Tilakarathna RSP 2009.04.29 2014.10.23

Maj SD Jayasundara RSP PSC USACGSA 2014.10.23 Up to date