The Gemunu Watch

Tarry Not Forward

10th Volunteer Battalion the Gemunu Watch


10 [V] GW was raised on 1st. June 1994. at the Regimental Centre of the Gemunu Watch. The Officer Corps and Other Rank Cadre were drawn from 2 [V] SLLI, 2 [V] GW, 3 [V] GW, and from the Sri Lanka Army Pioneer Corps. Major. G.B.C.C. de S. J. Waidyaratne was appointed as its first Commanding Officer.

Since its inception the Unit was regularly involved in combat operations designed to eradicate Tamil Terrorism. The Unit was also involved, like many others, in operations conducted to restore normalcy and to maintain law and order in the Country whenever the occasion demanded.

07 Officers and 188 Other Ranks have made the supreme sacrifice for their Country.

11 Officers and 163 Other Ranks have been disabled, some permanently.

Present Deployment

Presently 10(v) Battalion The Gemunu Watch is serving under 122 Brigade of 12 Division and the deployment is as follows.

HQ & Command and Admin Coy - Bellagaswewa - Hambantota

A Coy - SLMA - Diyatalawa

B Coy - OCDC - Buttala

D Coy - SLMA - Diyatalawa

For the SFHQ (central) Sports festival, the volleyball tournament was held at 10th Bn The GemunuWatch at Bellagaswewa,10(V) GW was champions of the sports festival.

Former Commanding Officers:

Srl No Rank Name From To
1 Maj GBCC de SJ Waiddyarathne 1994.06.01 1994.11.08
2 Maj WGR Senarathna 1994.11.09 1995.02.05
3 Maj DVR Harischandra 1995.02.06 1995.08.29
4 Maj HPPM Wijethilaka 1995.08.30 1996.10.15
5 Maj KASS Kaluarachchi 1996.10.16 1997.06.04
6 Maj HPPM Wijethilaka 1997.06.05 1999.02.11
7 Maj GGS Kumara 1999.02.12 2004.08.02
8 Maj AI Ranasingha 2004.08.03 2008.06.14
9 Lt Col AI Ranasingha 2008.06.15 2009.05.04
10 Maj HHPC Halpage 2009.05.05 2014.08.13
11 Lt Col HHPC Halpage 2014.08.14 2015.02.26
12 Maj MADS Muthukuda 2015.02.27 2018.08.25
13 Maj JWK Gamage 2018.08.26 2020.08.13
14 Maj LR Senapathi 2020.08.14 Up to Date