National Operation Centre for Prevention of
COVID - 19 Outbreak

09th December 2020 12:11:58 Hours

NOCPCO Task Force Discusses Establishment of Special COVID-19 Treatment Centres for Prison Inmates & Dispensation of Isolation on Flats

Dr Sudarshani Fernandopulle, Hon State Minister of Primary Health Services, Control of Epidemics and COVID-19, Lieutenant General Shavendra Silva, Head, NOCPCO, Chief of Defence Staff and Commander of the Army and Dr Asela Gunawardena, Medical Specialist & Director General of Health Services (DGHS) this afternoon (8) co-chaired one more session of the NOCPCO Task Force, attended by all members and experts in the field at the NOCPCO.

Lieutenant General Shavendra Silva, Head, NOCPCO told the meeting that several special COVID-19 Treatment Centres with security provided by the Army would be set up in Jaffna, Kandakadu and Gallella areas as per directives given by HE the President in order to treat the Covid19 positive cases detected from the prisons.

The meeting further discussed future possibilities of dispensation of prolonged isolation process through a new strategy in testing all the families living in flats. Both PCR and Rapid Antigen tests will be incorporated to the exit strategy of isolation of flats.

It was further pointed out that the tendency towards the spread of COVID-19 within Colombo Municipal Council (CMC) areas itself after 21 October has relatively decreased when compared with previous records as proved through all PCR tests carried out including those high risk zones.

Focusing the discussion onto the indigenous medicines to Covid19, the head of the NOCPCO stated that the medical solutions of indigenous medical sector will be tested and validated through a special committee appointed by the Ministry of Health and Indigenous Medicine. The meeting also discussed the possibility of receiving 500-600 expatriates into the country from overseas on a daily basis and conduct of PCR tests and quarantine processes on all of them.

At the NOCPCO, Dr Razia Pendse, WHO Representative in Sri Lanka this afternoon (8) meanwhile gifted a consignment of technical, medical and auxiliary equipment and appliances that could be useful in the updated management of the spread of the virus and its related needs to Lieutenant General Shavendra Silva, Head, NOCPCO in the presence of Dr Sudarshani Fernandopulle, Hon State Minister of Primary Health Services, Control of Epidemics and COVID-19, Dr Asela Gunawardene, Director General of Health Services and the Medical Specialist, Dr Amal Harsha de Silva.

The gifted consignment included 103 Laptops with bags (HP 17), 100 Pen drives (32 GB), 11 Multimedia Projectors with Screens, 60 HP Laser Printers, 20 Portable Commercial Nebulizers, 5 Infusion Pumps ZNP-XK, 4 Laryngeoscope with Blades, 20 Ambu Bags (Adult), 10 Syringe Pumps, 1 Defibrillator Monitor (PHILIPS PHILIPSDFM100), 85 Digital Pulse Oxymeters, 1 Autoclave Machine – mini, 4 Cardiac Monitors (Multi para monitor), 2 Diagnostic sets (Kawe Diagnostic Kits) and 75 Digital Thermometers (Softa Digital Thermometer).