National Operation Centre for Prevention of
COVID - 19 Outbreak

22nd November 2020 13:48:29 Hours

3,894 Persons in 38 Tri Service-Managed QCs are Still in Quarantine - NOCPCO

As of this morning (21), a total of 439 more persons were confirmed positive to COVID-19 in the past 24 hours. Among them are three foreigners, including a seafarer and one Sri Lankan seafarer. All other 435 are from locally-identified affectees. Of those persons, 160 are from Colombo, 71 from Gampaha,21 from Kalutara and others are from different districts, states the National Operations Centre for Prevention of COVID-19 Outbreak (NOCPCO).

By 6.00 this morning (21), the total number of COVID-19 positive cases reported from Minuwangoda garment factory employees and Peliyagoda Fish Market cluster stands at 15,761. Of them, 3,059 were from the Minuwangoda cluster and all other 12,702 were from the Peliyagoda Fish Market cluster. Meanwhile, 9,905 fully-recovered COVID-19 patients from both Minuwangoda and fish market clusters have been discharged from hospitals.

Up to yesterday (20), a total of 19,279 persons have been confirmed COVID-19 positive from all over the country, including the dead. 13,270 fully-recovered COVID-19 patients have been so far discharged from hospitals and the rest 5,935 are still under treatment in hospitals and care centres.

To-date, 74 COVID-19 positive deaths have been reported. Yesterday’s death was from Kompannaveediya. In the past 24 hours, 368 persons recovered patients have left hospitals.

Around 30,000, identified as 1st contacts and 2nd contacts of COVID-19 affectees are still in self-quarantine.

As of this morning (21), the flight EK 667 from Abu Dhabi with 21 passengers, the flight QR 668 from Doha –Qatar with 42 passengers and the flight UL 1026 from India with 58 passengers and the flight UL 218 from Doha, Qatar with 296 passengers have arrived in Colombo. All those passengers were referred to Quarantine Centres (QCs), managed by tri-services upon their arrival after formalities at the airport.

As of this morning (21), 3,894 persons in 38 tri service-managed QCs are still in quarantine. Within yesterday (20), 11,398 PCR tests were carried out.

Source: www.army.lk