It has been observed that, there is a considerable deterioration in the skills and knowledge of Junior level Officers in the fields of Logistics. Hence, the Junior Officers' Logistics Course (JOLC) has been designed to overcome the said issue. Therefore, JOLC is set as a competitive course planned to augment the knowledge of Junior Officers of all arms, in all aspects of logistics.


To educate and train Officers in basic techniques and functions in the fields of logistics at the Junior Officers' level.


The aim is met through the following principal objectives:

To make Officers professionally sound and competent in the field of logistics.
To groom Officers to be professional ‘Logistics Staff Officers'.
To develop the skills and desire to learn of the Officers at junior level.
To create conditions for Officers to explore their talents and inherent abilities to the maximum.
To enhance their military knowledge with other relevant essentials.
To groom Officers to share their thoughts and views among the other arms Officers and build the unity and cooperation.
To prepare the Officers to appear for the Staff College Examination and Logistics Staff Course.
To groom Officers in Military Traditions and Social Etiquettes.