Rice gains which are curved inside denote prosperity and fertility of logistics achieved through the knowledge, skills and abilities. The gold colour of rice grains reflects the quality, success and the glorious victory of the logistics. The star in the middle symbolizes the efficient logistics process provided by the logisticians through professionalism as the stars shining in the sky. The star with seven prongs portrays, the seven supply and service regiments and silver colour enunciates honesty and peace. The wagon wheel indicates the process of the transport and supply. The circle which connects the seven points of star shows the continuous logistics process carried out by supply and service regiments through great coordination and cooperation. The gold colour indicates the success of logistics.

The spear is a weapon used to attack objects taking the accurate target. This symbolizes the protection and the strength which can be gained through the successful logistics system. The torch or the glaring flambeau in the crest indicates the enlightenment of students through the knowledge and wisdom. The red colour represents greatness and strength. The flame with five pointed edges enunciates the principles of administration.





The motto "නැණ පහනින් ප්‍රගුණත්වයට" gives the literal meaning "Professionalism Through Wisdom" and implies the improvement of skills and abilities in the fields of logistics through enhancing the knowledge.