Security Forces Headquarters

24th January 2023 14:37:33 Hours


As the direction of Commander Security Force (Wanni) Major General C D Ranasinghe RWP RSP, the Special Reserve Platoon Course - No: 03 conducted at BTS, Pampaimadu from 19 December 2022 to 24 January 2023. The course comprises with 5 X platoon contributed by 21, 54, 56, 62 and 65 Divisions.

The curriculum at the course included lectures and practical sessions on handling of GPS, martial arts, self-defense methods, unarmed combat, VIP protection, introduction to explosives and demolition, handling of weapons, search and rescue operations, firing, rules of engagement, special operation procedures, and internal security.

The closing remarks of the course were done by Commander, Security Forces (Wanni) with the participation of Brigadier Administration and Quartering of SFHQ (W), Colonel General Staff of 56 Infantry Division, senior officers, officers, and other ranks. During the awarding ceremony, the following officers and other ranks were awarded trophies.

Best Platoon - 54 Infantry Division

Best 8 Man Team - 3rd Section of 8 VIR - 54 Infantry Division

Best Platoon Commander - O/11305Second LieutenantU G N R Jayaweera VIR - 17 (V) VIR

All-rounder - S/524702 Corporal Lansakara L H N K–8 VIR

Best Shooter - O/11305Second LieutenantU G N R Jayaweera VIR - 17 (V) VIR

Best Physical - S/17 H 00297 Corporal Rathnayake R M N S - 17 (V) VIR