As per the G/SD/SI/ARO/42 16 July 2008 dated army order, in order to provide log support to Wanni AOR FMA (Wanni North) has been established.

As per the ප්‍ර/මාරා/51(46) and 10 October 2008 dated Directorate of SD letter, issued the authorized establishment for FMA (Wanni North) and 08 X 36 are included as its approved staff.

As per the ආසේමු/පා/17 හා 210930 (2008/12) dated SFHQ (WANNI) message FMA (Wanni North) was established at Mallavi area.

First commander of the FMA (Wanni North) Brig AWJC De Silva RWP USP psc assumed duties on 17 December 2008 at Mallavi.

On 06 January 2009, as the troops engaged in Humanitarian Operations advancing towards the areas, under the LTTE controlled civilians who were held hostage by the LTTE terrorists were gradually moved to Government-controlled areas. AHQ has been entrusted with the responsibility of inspecting the displaced civilians and safely bringing them to the Government controlled Omanthai outpost Forward Maintenance Area (Wanni North).

On 17 March 2009, The Forward Maintenance Area (Wanni North) was establish at Government old hospital complex Kilinochchi.

As per the G/SD/51/4 and 12 August 2009 dated DPA letter, The Forward Maintenance Area (Wanni North) Re-designated as Forward Maintenance area Kilinochchi with effect from 15 August 2009. On 02 November 2009 the FMA (Kln) was re-located at Bharathipuram.


To be the pioneer in providing comprehensive logistics and administrative support for the troops deployed in 1 Corps.


To ensure efficient and effective logistics and administrative support for the troops through proper coordination of under command logistics units In order to maintain the operational readiness of all army establishments in1 Corps.


Is to facilitate 1 Corps to achieve strategic objectives.


  1. Fulfill and sustain the all logistics requirements of the 1 Corps.
  2. Coordination of local deployment of all Log Units/ Sub Units and installations.
  3. Supervise and ensure sub units commanders carry out the instructions and directions given by respective headquarters through their chain of command/ control.
  4. Pass down all the instructions and direction given by the higher headquarters to Log Units/ Sub Units / installations and Forward all the requirements of the Log Units/ Sub Units and installations to higher headquarters.

Maj Gen HMHN Herath
Commander FMA (KLN)


Brig AWJC De Silva RWP USP psc 15.12.2008 15.08.2009
Brig MZR SallayUSP 15.08.2009 23.01.2010
Brig CME Chandrasekara RSP USP 23.01.2010 23.11.2011
Brig RAAA Perera RSP 24.11.2011 24.09.2012
Brig M Mudannayake RSP USP 24.09.2012 09.01.2014
Brig  HDW Kariyawasam USP Lsc 09.01.2014 08.02.2017
Maj Gen BS Vidanage 22.02.2017 16.10.2017
Maj Gen Vidyananda USP AATO Lsc 24.10.2017 09.01.2019
Maj Gen DKGD Sirisena USP 14.01.2019 08.04.2019
Maj Gen AD Elwatte Pgd LRHRM(UOC) MIM(SL) MIAE(SL) 10.04.2019 07.05.2020
Brig MR Wanniarachchi ato 07.05.2020 17.10.2020
Brig  DP Hathurusinghe USP (Over Looking) 18.10.2020 28.10.2020
Maj Gen MIP Nanayakkarawasam 29.10.2020 27.05.2021
Maj Gen MK Jayawardena RSP USP ndu 28.05.2021 21.06.2021





Postal Address : Forward Maintenance Area, Regional Security Center, Army Camp, Kilinochchi
Email Address : fmakln@army.lk, fmakln.sla@gmail.com
Telephone Numbers : 0253898743